Appreciate your alumni.

Win their loyalty. For good.

2468 Appreciate:

  • delivers customer service to your alumni
  • contributes to their success
  • turns alumni into high-value volunteers and advocates
  • strengthens your (and their) school

Help your alumni and everyone wins.

Schools are losing the hearts and minds of their alumni. A few reasons why:

Average student debt load
(Class of 2016 borrowers)
SOURCE: Student Loan Hero, 2018


Multi-year loan repayments are a monthly burden for alumni rarely acknowledged by their school. Thousands of your future graduates are on the same path.

Could your school be a better resource for them?

Working adults with college experience who strongly agree their coursework is relevant to their work and day-to-day life
SOURCE: Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey, 2018


If you knew your students were on a “path to irrelevance” at a rate of 74%, would you make moves to improve?

And would you tap into your school’s alumni for guidance?

Median length of employment
for workers aged 25-34 with current employer
SOURCE: U.S. Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

2.8 years

Colleges spend four years helping prepare students for career destination #1. …Most will move on to #2, #3 or even #4 in the next four years: and the college isn’t significantly involved.

But it’s an opportunity for the school to help alumni find new success. Are you missing it?