Client & Case Studies

Ashland Art Center (Oregon)

Part gallery, part studio, part classroom and part storefront, the AAC is a bustling, small-town community arts hub. Its fundraising appeals were focused largely on need and the financial resources required for the center to survive. We facilitated dialogue that invited key leaders and partners to talk about the value the center provides. Participants spoke passionately about its many impacts: creating the compelling foundation for a value-based case for support.

Ashland Art Center

Ashland Independent Film Festival (Oregon)

Described as “like Sundance only warmer,” the AIFF is the largest independent film festival in southern Oregon and the Siskiyou region of northern California. Memberships and ticket sales provide the great majority of annual revenue, supplemented by minimal individual giving. We helped construct 1) a differently focused appeal that delivered a nearly 100% increase in gifts and a 200% increase in number of donors who contributed; and 2) an enhanced major fundraising event that generated a 150% increase in revenue.

Ashland Independent Film Festival

Grand View University (Iowa)

Improving student retention and attracting alumni to become involved with the university informed our design of a program to connect young alumni to students, bringing value to both: “Vikings Ask, Vikings Answer”, a web-based forum enabling students and recent graduates to ask career and life questions and receive answers from alumni with relevant experience and expertise.

Grand View University

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

In a survey comparing OSF’s fundraising results and operations against the major North American theater companies, board giving was a focus. Data comparisons and interviews with several board members led to recommendations for specific board roles and responsibilities in fundraising and for more direct board conversations about personal giving.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Pacific Lutheran University (Washington)

An advancement department blending alumni relations and career development responds to alumni demand and university needs. We helped PLU introduce its combined program to deliver high value for alumni and students, including preparing to communicate results to internal and external audiences.

Pacific Lutheran University

Southern Oregon University

SOU’s desire to assess and improve its Alumni Association Executive Board led us to develop a survey that aimed to identify common or best practices across a cohort of similar schools. Six participating universities supplied information leading SOU to reconsider composition of its board, to rethink work plans and priorities, and to ramp up communications with alumni.

Southern Oregon University

Wartburg College (Iowa)

An existing program in which alumni refer prospective students for admission has become more effective through our data analysis. Over three years, referrals from alumni have increased and nearly 50% of alumni-recommended students have enrolled. Alumni-recommended students also persist at a higher rate than the general student population.

Wartburg College

Whitworth University (Washington)

Using the findings from an alumni attitude survey, we are working with staff to refocus priorities to deliver higher value to alumni and to the university. Digital and in-person program ideas flow through a “value filter” that helps determine whether an idea should move forward – and if it does, how results will be measured.

Whitworth University

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