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Our schools achieve great results.

We’re fortunate to work with clients who appreciate our partnership and value what we contribute. Here are a few examples:

GOALS: Grand View wants to improve student retention; also, it wants to offer more opportunities for alumni who express a desire to stay connected to the university but either don’t know how or don’t see opportunity.

2468 ROLE: We are designing Appreciate U to address these goals. Advancement staff is leading the process, inviting early input from the President, Provost (and selected faculty), Career Center and Marketing/Communications internally; and externally from Grand View’s National Alumni Council and Young Alumni Council.


“We’ve been looking for a solution that will help Grand View connect young alumni to students in a way that brings value to both.  It allows alumni to dip their toe in and then we can work to further engage them.  2468 is helping us with a program that specifically meets our needs.  While still early in the process, we are excited to work with Ron on this data-driven endeavor.”

Bill Burma
Vice President for Advancement
Grand View University
Des Moines, IA


GOALS: Pacific Lutheran’s new organizational structure merges alumni & constituent relations and career development (including student employment). PLU wants these blended programs to deliver high value for alumni and students during the first year (FY1819), and staff members want to be able to show compelling results to internal and external audiences.

2468 ROLE: We used the team’s preliminary goals for the year as a foundation for discussions with staff leadership about:
• The importance of case-building (“making the case”) and goal-setting as first steps in considering the execution of new or existing programs.
• Dealing with the inevitable challenges, surprises, and even failures by converting them into learning moments.
• The value of having PLU Alumni Board members as participants in or observers of programs to invite them to become assessment partners.
• Using senior administrators to communicate results, issues and encouragement regularly during the year.


“We spent nearly 18 months in visioning and planning for our new scope and structure – conducting audience research, conversations about collaboration with campus partners, benchmarking with peer institutions, and internal planning. I asked Ron to come in, to raise our sights and push us. His years of experience and fresh eyes have produced ‘aha!’ moments and helpful questions that we would have missed. His external perspective is so valuable and my team and I are grateful to have him as a partner as we reimagine traditional models of alumni engagement and career development.”

Mary Duvall
Associate Vice President of Advancement
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA


GOALS: Point Park is making it a priority to engage its alumni population in more meaningful ways. A good but small staff is in place, and the challenges have to do with capacity for change.

2468 ROLE: Ron delivered a training program for Advancement staff that also invited colleagues from Enrollment Management and Career Development into the dialogue. Also, the executive leadership of Point Park’s Alumni Board participated. Post-training recommendations focused on establishing priorities, communications, and opportunities for greater Alumni Board leadership.


“It was time to shift our alumni programming to ‘strategic alumni engagement.’   We were not exactly sure how to begin the conversation and the planning, so Ron’s presentation positioned us to evaluate all our previous planning and initiatives, which validated our desire to move to the next level of high-impact engagement.  Having other departments at the table, along with the Alumni Leadership Board, proved invaluable. We are now moving toward strategic alumni engagement in all that we do and in alignment with the University’s strategic plan.”

Sharon Navoney
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Point Park University
Pittsburgh, PA