Homecoming season has pretty much come and gone. What if you told alumni who attended that you valued their presence? Something like:

Dear < NAME >,

Thank you: for coming home.

You contributed to a wonderful Homecoming celebration at < OUR SCHOOL >, and I want to tell you how your presence mattered and why we’re so glad you came back:

1. You represented the long arc of < OUR SCHOOL >, its reach and its history. We tell students that they are threads in a larger tapestry of life-changing experiences: past, present, and future. You were visible evidence…

2. You chose to be here. There are only nine or 10 fall weekends. All of them compete for your time – and yet you chose to spend one of your precious weekends here…

3. You left with a fresh perspective. I hope most of what you found here was encouraging and made you proud – perhaps proud enough to nudge a prospective student you know to check us out. And if you left with questions or concerns, I hope you’ll let me know. You are a valued shareholder in < OUR SCHOOL >, and if you contact me, I will respond.

For all these reasons, thank you so very much for coming home, and thank you for being a member of our community. We appreciate you!