What We Offer

As your partner, 2468 Appreciate helps you grow the value of your community by:

2468 Services Help You Soar

Sharpening your fundraising approaches so donors see the potential impact of their gift investments.

When you ask for gifts, you must address 3 critical questions that are on the minds of most donors:

  1. What makes your organization (or project) matter?
  2. What’s the urgency of your request? And
  3. Why are you coming to me?

We help shape clear and compelling responses.

take care of your donors

Analyzing your governing board (and volunteer boards) to assess value being delivered

Your board is – or should be – your most trusted set of advisors, champions, fiduciaries, and supporters. Is it? We examine board roles, responsibilities, expectations, and structures to help you understand how effective your board is and whether there are opportunities to improve.