Appreciate U

Re-engineer the relationship between your school and your alumni.

We position your graduates as assets worthy of resource investment. Your investment comes chiefly through: your graduates. That’s right. Because they have the knowledge to help one another. It’s the network you want, built on the most solid foundation.

Appreciate U has two main components:

  1. Your school reaches out to individual graduates for regularly scheduled “success chats”. Each chat focuses on what your graduate identifies as his/her/their top success goals at the time.
  2. Your school solicits content from your graduates who are knowledgeable and whose experience makes them trusted respondents. You seek their advice or wisdom in response to questions that come up in success chats. That content then becomes available to all graduates.

Over 12-18 months, 4 of your graduating classes “enroll” in Appreciate U. Other alumni become aware of the program as they are asked to provide content in response to success questions. You can scale the program as much as you like.