U Matter

Keep alumni connected to your school.

Keeping alumni connected to your school typically focuses on event attendance or generating goodwill on social media. In most cases, engagement is expected to deliver more fund-raising revenue.

U Matter is different. The goal is for alumni to advance your school’s most important priorities through their (alumni) connections, experiences and expertise. Why? Because alumni volunteers and advocates have great capacity – usually untapped – to help you meet priorities in ways that don’t involve check writing.

U Matter requires your school to articulate clearly that:

  1. alumni can help you meet compelling priorities
  2. you will support alumni in their efforts to help you
  3. alumni will be contributing real value and they will be thanked and recognized for their efforts

Student recruitment, student retention, career development, and advocacy are among priorities in which many alumni can make a difference. In U Matter, we guide your alumni relations or advancement staff to create relationships with colleagues in other departments who must be your critical success partners…because you can’t succeed alone. We help you engage those partners differently, leading to better planning and execution and results.